Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems Lab

Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems Lab

The laboratory aims, in collaboration with research organizations and industrial clusters, to become a leading center that facilitates the access to specialized software and CAD systems and contributes to the development and maintenance of highly qualified specialists in the field of artificial intelligence.


  • Developing a suitable simulator of human brain activity, as well as the relevant information and computer technologies that promote and guarantee its activity.
  • Scientific research and developments in the following areas: intelligent systems for medical applications, algorithms for controlling robots and drones, intelligent systems for early warning of natural disasters and intelligent systems for the recognition and certification of materials and products.
  • Use of CAD systems in the field of microelectronics, telecommunications and intelligent transportation; design and modelling of new devices, systems and technologies, as well as design and modelling of sea vessels.
  • Computer design of complex systems for industry, business, etc.


1.EEG equipment rental: Rental to third parties of low-end movable EEG headsets
equipment of type EMOTIV EEG+, from which 10 are available, with the possibility of
conducting mass experiments or observations of brain activities  for a group of people
or single study for one object with 14 channel recording. Rental of professional EEG
equipment machine, a medical grade equipment with very high density
electroencephalograph with 128 Nuevo EEG electrodes with Synamps 2 amplifiers.

2. Rental of drones (with our pilot). Rental of high-class drones model Turbo Ace Matrix
equipped with hardware for high quality video recording, first-person view and
possibility for long stays in the air and small loads, with the possibility of adding
additional hardware or necessary sensors (we have the possibility to add sensors
provided by the customer). Rental Walkera QRX350 medium-class drones, equipped for video
recording and possibly adding a set of sensors.

3. Rental of measurement and instrumentation equipment and provision of measurement
services with available radio frequency analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, frequency
analyzers and multimeters with the possibility of memorizing information in PC. Compact
equipment from Siglent, Rigol and Spectran.

4. Rental of virtual reality equipment from the universal type model VR2200 equipped
with touch gloves with resistive sensors for each individual finger movement measurement.

5. Rental Added Reality Equipment type Epson Moverio with the ability to transmit stereo
images in Android OS.

6. Electromiographic equipment (EMG) rental for a group of people with Thalmic Mio EMG
bracelets or for single user measurements with professional medical equipment (multi –
channel recording) of type BTS Free MG 300.

7. Rental of computers with specialized software per hour – Solidworks, Altium Design,

8. Robots and Equipment (EEG, EMG) for events or for cinema and theatrical productions,
shows, performances and birthdays – two humanoid robots type Aldebaran Nao, two wheeled
platforms with remote control and transmission capabilities of type Dr. Robot Sputnik.
9. Robotics courses for children with Lego Mindstorms kits available for beginner level
of robotics classes.

10. Conducting courses on Solidworks, Altium Designer and MATLAB software products.

11. Rental of computer resources for specialized CPU intensive project calculations.



Key Words: Advertisment, Electroencephalography (EEG), Електроенцефалография (ЕЕГ), Emotiv Epoc, Matlab
Short Description: Thanks to the ability of detecting human emotions by the electroencephalographic device Emotiv Epoc, experts from the “Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems” Laboratory, together with a team from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, developed a system allowing real-time testing of advertisements. Through it, businesses and companies have the opportunity to test the impact of their ads before they are released to the general public. The system provides detailed information about the viewer’s status every second of the ad. The main programming product used in the project – “Matlab”.

Control of a NAO humanoid robot using human brainwaves

Key Words: Bluetooth, EEG, Еmotiv Epoc, Humanoid, Nao, Python
Short Description: The idea of the project is to use a Aldebaran Nao v3 humanoid robot that can be controlled by using signals from the brain activity. For this purpose, a headset called the “Emotiv Epoch” is used to capture brain activity in real time. Additional software products connecting the EEG hardware to the robot have been developed. The main programming language used in the project is “Python 2.7”.


Under construction


Prof. Valeri Mladenov

Scientific fields: Neural networks, Artificial intelligence, Circuits and systems, Nonlinear Systems, Signal Processing and images.


In 1993 he defended a thesis for a candidate of technical sciences (now PhD) at the Technical University – Sofia. Professor since 2011. During 2011 to 2015 he was Vice Rector of the Technical University – Sofia. Author of more than 300 articles and publications on his scientific fields and has over 30 completed projects in NIS at TU, MES, NSF, NATO, TEMPUS, DAAD, DFG, Royal Society and others.



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