Cyber Security Lab

It is the laboratory‘s mission, within five years of its opening, to become a regional Eastern European center of competence on the issues of cyber security, to perform scientific research activities and create partnerships on a global scale. Activities of Cyber Security Lab: The laboratory is specifically designed and equipped to carry out activities in two key areas – cyber security research and development of innovative models and methods.


  • Cyber security research:
  • Sustainability – maintaining the basic functions of organizations under crisis situations.
  • Detection and recovery of incidents and security breaches.
  • Creating secure systems and product architectures and designs.
  • Secure code development.
  • Security and reliability of information – methods for encryption, authentication, protection and communication.
  • Integration of security models and models for improvement of business processes.
  • Development of innovative models and methods:
  • Testing and audits for cyber security – of components, systems and organizations.
  • Simulation of cyber-attacks and methods for protection and prevention in complex infrastructures and systems.
  • Training and education programs, simulation models and technical platforms.





George Sharkov, PhD

Scientific fields: Information and communication technologies, Cyber security; Artificial Intellect.


He has extensive experience in managing software companies and projects in the field of banking and financial systems. Since 2003, he is manager of the European Software Institute – Centre Eastern Europe. Since 2014 – Advisor on cyber security at the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria. Author of the national strategy on cyber security. He teaches design software and cyber security in three of the leading Bulgarian universities.


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