Permanent exhibition “TechnoMagicLand”

It is situated on the second floor of the building (approx. 1000 sq.m.) and is managed by the civil-law partnership partnership between Sofia Tech Park JSC and the leading Bulgarian software company “Technologica” ЕАD established for that purpose. TechnoMagicLand provides interesting, entertaining and useful activities targeted for children 7 to 14 years of age, as well as students from technical high-schools, and with technical interests. The exhibition consists of interesting experiments, interactive installations and experiments in chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer sciences, robotics, optics and others. The children may get in touch in a entertaining and interesting way to the science and technology world, as they look and interact with interactive exhibits, or as they participate in different workshops, lectures and demonstrations. This way, they get acquainted with different scientific and technological breakthroughs, with the purpose to foster creative thinking, to arouse interest for science and its achievements, to knowledge dissemination and others. Group visits, as well as trainings in robotics, engineering and others are organized.

More information on the permanent exhibition is available here – https://www.technomagicland.com

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